GD Economics (a division of GDA Economics Inc.) emerged out of the recent restructuring of GHK International (Canada) Inc. and is based in Toronto, Canada. We undertake assignments in municipal and regional economic development, economic impact assessment, labour market analysis and the planning and economics of transportation infrastructure. Our aim is to provide customised, high value added strategic advice to help our clients achieve their goals. Our clients, whether in government or the private sector, benefit from our innovative approaches to problem solving, our personalized service and the collaborative manner in which we provide it.


Drawn from working in North America and throughout the world, our staff and associates bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our consulting assignments. This experience enables us to draw upon a vast network of associates from across the globe to provide specialized knowledge and input whenever an assignment requires it. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality analysis and advice to our clients in a timely and cost efficient way.


Innovation     Collaboration     Personalized Service